Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

Today, I just would like some good coffee to drink.

During this global pandemic, I have strongly encouraged myself to lower my expectations of productivity throughout my days. For this Tuesday, all I desire is to breathe, drink good coffee, hear what the birds sing, and feel how I should feel during a day without structure.

How much media should I consume during the day? Various opinions, information, and data tend to drown my thoughts out to living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I hope stillness is the answer because the world demands a stay at home order. That doesn’t imply I can’t be outside to enjoy the outdoors, but being satisfied with drinking good coffee.

How much exercise should I perform during the day? If you get too much exercise, soreness and inability to do normal tasks may hinder your work productivity or mood. Not enough exercise may cause other neurological disorders that hinder mental and spiritual health. Such evidence shows it is better to get more exercise than too little exercise. All these thoughts are originated from drinking good coffee.

How much time should I have allocated to read and journal? Have a writing and reading practice helps to stimulate the brain. This promotes the creativity I want to foster throughout my life.
All in all, it starts with drinking good coffee and assessing your intentions for today.

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