An attempt to start my writing habit will protrude obstacles of many kinds. Topics to writing include veganism, spirituality, exercise, travel, science, and relationships. My practice to motivate a writing practice at the early stages comes with a barrier to be focused, in tune with life around me, and whether I can make words come alive on paper. I do not have an increase in life experiences any more than others. I see this on social media. One of the barriers to writing is social media eliminating motivation, time, and affluence.

I do not want to write to offer anything…

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Frozen pipes, icy roads, and blackouts. I have seen wild weather, but this is a first for Louisiana. Climate change is not just global warming pertaining to temperature rise, it appears to be weather extremes — such as the polar ice storms — shocking us across the nation.

Al Roker, the weatherman for NBC’s Today show, helps explain on his program how climate change effects the weather and can cause extreme weather events. This ice storm across the United States is evidence along with the polar ice caps freezing, oceans warming and acidifying, and sea levels rising. …

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Welcome to the era of climate change. All over the world, planet Earth is transforming. I am speaking about the effects of climate change. To be specific, coastal changes as felt through residents of coastal Louisiana. People understand how important coastal systems and processes are to the longevity of people and industries in the south. Multiple perspectives about coastlines make it difficult to assess the problem. Hard-earned dollars are pumped into these restoration projects, and people do want to save the coast, but how far are we willing to go. …

Once and for all, you have seeds.

From the beginning, the world stopped. I saw the environment change course. Carbon dioxide decreased, transportation was suspended, animals roamed the empty streets humans once preoccupied. For almost three months, nature was taking a different direction. There is hope for a better future if we commit to a cleaner future for the earth. Now, more than ever is a time to seek better soil for us and our loved ones.

Muir Woods

Composting is the means to produce healthier soil by increasing microbial life. A diversity of good bacteria is the foundation for growth. Microbes…

Environmental Justice for All and Leadership through Uncertainty

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In our society today, there is a need for conscious thoughts and actions aligning with the future of our planet and all humankind. Solutions involve sustainability and renewable resources for future generations of all races. A 2020 global pandemic is another reason why the future of our planet remains uncertain and we are here to change the narrative to accomplish environmental justice for all people.

Environmental justice for people of all races, backgrounds, and religious affiliations is essential. Climate change happens to all things, and how are we going to respond when…

In the morning, birds need time to sing. Due to climate change and new priorities, humans are getting up earlier. Birds compete with the noises of humans. The Northern Mockingbird, Cardinal, and Blue Jay are ones to get up earlier to get that morning feed. Beauty that encompasses these animals in flight begins with noticing how beautiful they truly are.

A house finch perched on a branch gazes into the abyss
A house finch on a branch gazes into the abyss

I wouldn’t say I am a naturalist, but I have come to appreciate birds and how they interact in nature. Birds are roaming the Earth in unimaginable ways by migrating from one end of the Earth to the other. Migrations…

What is the first thought that emerges when you think about marriage? Let’s define this. Marriage involves two people trying to navigate life together. Communicating each other’s needs above their own, giving comfort after family issues that arise, preparing meals for each other, taking long walks, raising children, taking ballroom dance classes, and the list goes on. Marriage may seem like dating to some. There are no rules for a perfect or nearly perfect marriage.

The moment you grab each other’s hands — starting from the pulpit to the deathbed — you are wed. I choose the description of “navigating…

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In our society, antidepressants have become an addiction to save us from the present emotional moment such as depression. We have exceeded our capacity for drugs that we perceive to make us happier. Distractions and anxious feelings plague our thoughts and minds daily based on how society is structured with limited time outdoors to experience nature and no emphasis on purposeful living.

I recently read the book Lost Connections, with this message of disconnection to meaningful values, social interaction, and nature. If I were to break these down, I would say each claim presents itself differently. VALUES are formed when…

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The sound of buzzing is everywhere. From the time I wake up the buzz of cicadas storming through the Mississippi River swamp acts as my alarm clock to start the day. Not to mention these bugs can vary in size. Microscopic insects penetrate the smallest of cracks and crannies usually buzzing within the walls of your home. Sounds of insects are like the sound of birds, you can appreciate them or not. Buzzing is not primary to insect culture, it is how we see them.

I recently came across an article published in National Geographic entitled Where Have All The…

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Today, I just would like some good coffee to drink.

During this global pandemic, I have strongly encouraged myself to lower my expectations of productivity throughout my days. For this Tuesday, all I desire is to breathe, drink good coffee, hear what the birds sing, and feel how I should feel during a day without structure.

How much media should I consume during the day? Various opinions, information, and data tend to drown my thoughts out to living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I hope stillness is the answer because the world demands a stay at home order. …

Joseph Kieffer

Exploring the possibilities of the scientific method are needed to bring about change. As an environmental scientist, I explore nature in depth.

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