Photo by Qingbao Meng on Unsplash

Is a vacation still a vacation from yesteryear?

Is a rainstorm still a downpour when the whole world stopped to watch?

Are the woods still as wooded as a blanket of green filling up the sky and the ground we walk?

To be able to comprehend, validate, and immerse in nature.

To scale, nature may not be what it once was,

Or is it too vast and beautiful to comprehend?

As a child, a grassy plain seemed to go on for hundreds of miles. Birds use to unite in an opera of songs. The mountains were all white and reached to the heavens. Oceans were emerald blue with fish jumping over the boats. Leaves fell from trees with a sea of green, red, and yellow on the ground.

Is nature still nature or is my perspective one of technology?



Joseph Kieffer

Exploring the possibilities of the scientific method are needed to bring about change. As an environmental scientist, I explore nature in depth.