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What does water do for us and how can we advance this precious resource?

I am a contributor to this organization Charity Water. This organization has many technologies for water to be free of harmful particulates in the most remote regions of the world. Access to water is vital to our existence and Charity Water is making clean water accessible for those in poverty. Especially within the COVID-19 quarantine, these countries are vulnerable to the pressures of water shortages. As soon as I witnessed on the Charity Water website that 100% of the contributions go to the COVID-19 relief fund, I was thankful to be part of the organization such as this.

The loyalty I developed towards this organization is by reading the book THIRST written by the founder, Scott Harrison. You might have guessed that I only consumed about 100 pages, then gave up because I am more of a podcaster…..nope. I read all 321 pages and felt the need to send correspondence addressing the great need Charity Water is choosing to fill. This nonprofit has the mission to provide clean water to 663 million people worldwide. There are 28,000 water projects in 26 countries and will serve 8.2 million people so far with the blessing of clean water. Harrison’s story is so compelling starting as a big nightclub promoter in New York City, then completely changing his life after many twists and turns to be the founder of one of the largest water charities in the world.

Once you connect with Scott and his story, you start to trade your success with the success of others. I started to develop an awakening of how important water is in an unprecedented moment in history. Sanitation practices are a privilege we have to defend ourselves against COVID-19. Charity Water is working extremely hard to make sure developing countries around the world have access to sanitizing stations and educational tools to defend against this virus. Defense against this virus does not compare to most defenses lacking in primary needs. Health systems that are more fragile do not have the resources as most do. Scott Harrison and his team at Charity Water is not afraid of work without end.

Our mission — to bring clean and safe water to people in need — is more important and more relevant than ever before.

Now, water is making breakthroughs in science. According to the study published by DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory, water is the solution to a reaction consisting of methane to methanol conversion. Methane, a byproduct of energy from natural gas, vents into the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse gas problem we have on Earth. Methane is said to be worse than carbon dioxide warming our temperatures and acidifying our oceans. Innovating new ways of using methane is researched in this study specifying water is the catalyst of methane to methanol. The methanol compound is a useful liquid for making paint, plastics, and other commodities. Methanol is the best economic and environmentally viable option to produce rather than gaining methane in the atmosphere. Water as the universal solvent has been used in many chemical experiments for conversions, reactions, and solutions. There is so much to be said about water and is researched more at The Water Research Foundation.

If you see yourself involved in advancing water projects or involvement in a charitable organization bringing clean water to people all over the world, you are in luck. It starts with involvement.

Exploring the possibilities of the scientific method are needed to bring about change. As an environmental scientist, I explore nature in depth.

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