Environmental Justice for All and Leadership through Uncertainty

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

In our society today, there is a need for conscious thoughts and actions aligning with the future of our planet and all humankind. Solutions involve sustainability and renewable resources for future generations of all races. A 2020 global pandemic is another reason why the future of our planet remains uncertain and we are here to change the narrative to accomplish environmental justice for all people.

Environmental justice for people of all races, backgrounds, and religious affiliations is essential. Climate change happens to all things, and how are we going to respond when resources are dispersed only to select groups of people? I am speaking of environmental racism present in our society as we battle the issues of our world in the year 2020. Natural disasters in history have caused health and economic hardships for people of color. Dwelling in lower economic areas or locations where human health is compromised reveals a clear picture of who is suffering and who is not. The belief of climate change and solutions to best fight climate change is coming from people fighting for their economic well being, living conditions, and livelihood. How do we see justice as the realm of climate and social issues? Among the disturbing events present, people of color have had to go through the year 2020 in protest amid climate change and social despair. Protests regarding climate change for everyone is justice that should not go unnoticed and is in correlation with equality. The world is changing and we have seen it change through sea-level rise, the intensity of storms, ocean acidification, and many more. We need to equip people of all races and creeds to combat these global changes. The enaction of laws and policies giving resources to all people is a start and we need each other’s support.

Exploring the possibilities of the scientific method are needed to bring about change. As an environmental scientist, I explore nature in depth.

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