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In our society, antidepressants have become an addiction to save us from the present emotional moment such as depression. We have exceeded our capacity for drugs that we perceive to make us happier. Distractions and anxious feelings plague our thoughts and minds daily based on how society is structured with limited time outdoors to experience nature and no emphasis on purposeful living.

I recently read the book Lost Connections, with this message of disconnection to meaningful values, social interaction, and nature. If I were to break these down, I would say each claim presents itself differently. VALUES are formed when we feel we have distinguished what our purpose is. Careers we have or time commitments we tether are spaces to inject our values and beliefs of what is. We are not here to push our opinions in these spaces, they are just an outlet for us to discuss how we see life with other people. How we perceive life is basically how we live it. Once situations like a running race are perceived, plans are made to put into action how we are going to run the race. Asking big questions such as how we incorporate our values into how we eat food or how we cater to our relationships is a great way to improve our mental well being. SOCIAL INTERACTION is confusing in how we live our lives since people seek out perfection in relationships. As perfection becomes a habitual perception of people, our inner circle of dependable life-giving relationships dwindles. Social media is an influencer in our society. We struggle with this platform because we cling to it to solve our loneliness. Social media is an addiction, it is a blessing and a curse. Lastly, NATURE contributes to our mental state because we as humans are born from nature. When we feel we are not at home (outdoors), we are in a state of disconnect.

I see the world through my prescription lens. I have enabled the expansion of my curiosity to grant me a vision for the world around me. To be curious is to question why you are living this way. Curiosity helped to expand my emotional and spiritual health asking questions about why I believe in a higher power. This is why connections to our world expand the view of what is and what isn’t. Spiritual, emotional, purposeful, and relational connections are the driving force to our curiosity.

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